Grace the business woman: The Passion that drives her

Grace is the owner of two businesses currently, AJAN Adult Family Home and Priority Home Health LLC. She has a passion for people. It is apparent when you see her passion for helping senior adults and with her team of home health care professionals. Just visit her adult family home where people come and live together under her watchful team’s care. Grace grew up in a tight family unit with lots of family coming and going all the time, so she craves the contact and the life she has always appreciated with family. In her culture her extended family is just as close as her immediate family. Being in the United States we get to experience all kinds of family culture. Grace brings to her clients the experiences that she grew up with and this love to care for family.

I asked Grace what is it about home health care that attracted her and caused her to start this Priority Home Health Business? She said that because of her experience being a nurse at Kadlec Medical Center and experiencing all the different levels of care on the floors she served in she saw a bit of all types of care. She then worked part time in a home health care company and what she liked most was how she was able to know the people a little deeper. “At the hospital you treat them and then when they are better, they go home, and you don’t see them again. In home health care you go to their home, and you get to know another part of them that you don’t experience in the hospital.”  Grace felt more personal with her care at home than what she experienced in the hospital.  It was that part time home health care experience that made her realize she loved it!

We talked about other nurses out there who perhaps might like working more as well in this home environment rather than in a clinic or hospital setting. There are needs for nurses in hospitals and clinics as well as people who are in need of home health care because of the circumstances or the health stage they are in.

Grace also has a Group home, so I asked her about that too. Not only does she have the in-home care team she also has AJAN Adult Family Home, named after her younger sister’s initials who passed away. Grace wanted to keep her sister alive and her memory as well as a desire to provide care for people who needed care including respite care. In the group home Grace and her team can take over that responsibility with full time staff. In this group home the space is smaller, with a maximum of six clients. Grace says, “with fewer people you can provide a more personal care”. This for the client can make it more personal, than perhaps a larger nursing home facility. She feels that the client feels more a part of a family in the adult family home setting.

I learned that Grace has these two ways that she and her team can provide a more “Premium Care & Personal Touch.” And that explains her company slogan.