How did you meet Miguel your husband?

I met Miguel while we were living at the same apartment. Talking to him, I learned he was working as a surgical technician at Kadlec Medical center and going to college at Columbia Basin College, taking his prerequisites to get into the Physician Assistant program through university of Washington (MEDEX). It was quite the coincidence. I was also working at Kadlec as a housekeeper at that time and going to Columbia basin college to get into the Nursing program through Washington State University. Our friendship kicked off because we had a lot in common and a lot to help each other with as far as school was concerned. We never anticipated being together as husband and wife, but everything just fell in place. We have now been together for more than a decade, and still growing together.

What does Miguel do?

Miguel works at Columbia Basin health Association (CBHA) as a Physician assistant (PA) with specialty in Primary Care. He has quite a following of patients and that is the case because he loves what he does, and his patients love him for that. He has a wealth of medical knowledge and I admire that most about him… makes me love him more.

Does he play a role in the Home Health/Home care/AJAN AFH

Miguel is the backbone of our business. He is the medical brain of the business. He’s usually off to work, away from the business, but he is the one that gives ok to the financial running of the business. When he is not working at CBHA, he is working at our businesses. He visits with the clients, answering any questions they have, supports me in making decisions for the welfare of the clients. An example is when I feel that a patient doesn’t feel or look good but cannot understand what is wrong, he’s the one I call first.

He goes out with some clients for a walk, or for breakfast or brunch, when I’m busy doing something else. He attends to my male clients, so they can relate with him. He even gives one of them a haircut every month.

He supports me emotionally when at times, I feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

He is all any woman could ask for in a husband, and I love him so much.